"Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals"

David Ogilvy

InterAd (Internet Advertising tracking & Evaluation Service) is dedicated to provide the online community (Advertisers, Media & Advertising Agencies, Publishers & Researchers) with Quantitative & Qualitative information about online advertising activities & trends on 24*7 basis in Egypt.

InterAd is Client Centric

InterAd provides Big data to Boost planning efficiency thus deliver greater results.

With InterAd, Agencies are always up to date with moves in the market, Target and open channels with new customers. Provide more value to existing clients to build an everlasting relationship.
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InterAd provides publishers with genuine data to spot and close new deals.

With InterAd publishers can attract new clients by knowledge about who advertise where instantly and know what types of websites attract what type of advertisers to create your pitches and targeting strategy successfully.
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InterAd Keeps your eyes open on your Competitors strategies and allow you to effectively plan and buy advertising more efficiently.

With InterAd Advertisers will have insights into their competitor’s entire campaign strategies and can leverage this information to optimize and improve their online strategies.
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InterAd Services

InterAd for Display

Discover Competitor’s Display Ad Placements and Uncover Competitor’s Campaigns That Convert. Profile the Right Partners for Your Campaigns. See More

InterAd for Social

Discover Competitors’ Social Ad Placements and uncover Competitor’s Social Campaigns That Convert and Get Ahead of Competitors.  See More

How InterAd Works

We collect raw advertising data and turn into competitive insights using our virtual agents and crawlers on 24*7 basis under the management of high caliber team with more than 20 years’ experience in advertising analysis

Virtual agents and crawlers

Search for Ads in our online Panel

Processing Ad Data

Hundreds of Records produced and analyzed 24*7

Data Visualization

Clean Data Ready to use

Competitive Analysis

Improve your planning capabilities with competitive insights from InterAd Data


Multiple platforms and Multiple networks

interAd has the largest and most up-to-date Digital advertising data back to 2013 in Egypt


InterAd Coverage includes multiple ad formats including standard display ads, native, video ads, interstitials, and page takeovers, social Media  and Youtube.

Mobile & Apps

We offer a new section covering Popular Mobiles & Apps screens.

Native & Video & Social Media

Broad coverage for native ad networks and pre-roll video ads and social Media Ads provides complete coverage across the advertising landscape.


Instantly uncover new strategies.

InterAd results is published daily so instantly discover new ad copies and landing pages

Competitors Monitoring

View competitors’ ads, ad networks, publishers, and landing pages. Learn the strategy of the most successful advertisers in Egypt

Sales Prospecting

Improve  your sales process by adding to your qualified leads list. Identify advertisers and publishers who represent your ideal potential customers.

Client Services

Keep your clients informed. Provide them with insights & analysis that benchmark against direct competitors and across industries and sectors.


Download customized reports

Filter by 30 + KPI’S and Create and download reports and Run comparisons.


Set automated alerts by brand or business category and instantly know when a certain advertisers launch a new campaigns, or when a new brand is entering the market.             


Compare ad spend, share of voice, and other key metrics.


Export reports in multiple report formats including: CSV, PDF, and ready-made presentation.

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