InterAd Value to Publishers

HIT upon innovative Opportunities

Use InterAd as a channel to direct you to relevant advertisers in the market and help you develop your business and new markets and boost your revenues.

Monetize your Digital properties

Use InterAd to uncover new advertisers in the market who will have high value from your site by finding who is a working with your competitors. Additionally, see ad networks your competitors are working with and make sure you work with them so that your inventory will have a higher likelihood of being bought.

Maxmize Your Market Share

Use InterAd to understand your market overall ecosystem, be aware of competitors steps and big spenders movement as well and create and offer customized packages tailored to their need. Additionally, you can find out where else your current clients or prospects are advertising and offer them better placements and bigger campaigns. Let your reputation and dependability make you the go-to publisher.

Increase Revenue Sources

InterAd enables you to discover potential advertising clients by keeping track of who is working with your competitors.

Uncover Where Prospects Are Running Ads

InterAd enables you to take a look at where targets are currently running ads to help customize pitches.

Leverage InterAd Social with InterAd Display Ads

InterAd enables you to Uncover the whole digital scene by combining Social Media advertising activities plus video ads to have unparalleled coverage of the Digital advertising scene.


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