InterAd Value to Agencies

Strength Your Clients Vs Their competitors

Use InterAd updates to provide insights to your clients on competitors Media selection, creative strategy & buying strategy.

Discover latest online Traffic sources

Use InterAd to uncover new traffic sources and unexploited publisher websites through your direct and indirect competitors and extend your reach to new audiences to increase your online presence and brand awareness. Understand the different online strategies across different channels to understand current and future trends.

Increase Your Client Base

Use InterAd to gain new Advertisers with perfect sales pitch. Show them your knowledge and analytical skills using InterAd Data, and Keep them posted with what their competitors are doing in real time with what THEY should be doing, and how they can increase their own brand awareness and exposure.

See What’s Working

InterAd enables you to see exactly where & when any given advertiser is buying ad space, what ads they’re using and landing pages they prefer and what not.

Discover Performing Campaigns

InterAd enables you to Search by advertiser, keyword, or top ads to quickly discover campaign insights.

Leverage InterAd Social with InterAd Display Ads

InterAd enables you to Uncover the whole digital scene by combining Social Media advertising activities plus video ads to have unparalleled coverage of the Digital advertising scene.

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