InterAd For Social

InterAd for Social offers a crystal clear view into the Top used Social Media Tools (FB & Instagram & YouTube) advertising ecosystem and also at a detailed level to any specific campaign or competitor. The analysis provided by InterAd enables you to discover your competitors advertising activities and media initiatives and make informed decisions about your own activities that will result in expanded reach and increased returns.

InterAd For Social Benefits

Get Ahead of Competitors: By discovering your competitors’ Social strategies, you can discover their initiatives, keep away from misevaluation they pay for, and take benefit of untapped market that you can command.

Discover Competitors’ Social Ad Placements: Instantly gain comprehensive understanding of your competitors’ campaigns on Social . When you expose which placements work for them, you can easily find similar opportunities with a high probability of success. When you uncover their failed tests, you can save on test budgets when you know what to avoid.

Uncover Competitor’s Display Campaigns That Convert: Visibility into the entire ecosystem enables you to track converting campaigns run by competitors as well as other industry players. Gain insight about what works: the ad types and sizes, messaging, timing, design elements, landing pages, publishers, and much more.

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